Hot Women, Cool Solutions is the book for you. As Pat Duckworth  says, every woman’s menopause is unique and we all need sufficient information about the benefits and risks of different treatments in order to self-advocate. This excellent book will inspire you to take control of this amazing stage in your life.

– Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author aka “The Best Seller Maker” http://peggymccoll.com



“Hot Women, Cool Solutions is an excellent resource for women at any stage of the menopause. If you are pre-menopause it gives you advice about how to get in good shape before your hormones start to change. If you are going through menopause there are lots of practical tips and techniques to improve your experience. If you are post-menopause you might want to buy this book for your daughter!”

– Raymond Aaron, NY Times Bestselling Author, www.UltimateAuthorBootcamp.com



“This book is going to be a god-send to millions of men the world over and should be the very next present they buy their partners. Packed full of information as well as techniques to help the symptoms of menopause, this will be invaluable to members of the public and practitioners alike.”

– Trevor Silvester, Director of The Quest Institute and Author of Lovebirds



“This comprehensive book is practical, easy to read and offers a range of approaches; essential because one approach cannot suit all women. Using these techniques gives women back the power they need to stay cool, calm and feeling good about themselves.”

– Patricia McBride: Author of The EI Advantage



“Pat Duckworth’s book, Hot Women, Cool Solutions, is just that hot and very cool! There is no one-size- fits all experience in menopause, but this book fits everyone!  You will learn wonderful mind/body techniques and tools to include in your journey. My motto is:  Reaching out is IN! Suffering in silence is OUT!  So, reach for this book full of helpful, practical tips for a healthy happy menopausal life!”

– Ellen Dolgen, Health and Wellness Advocate, Menopause Awareness Expert,
Author, Speaker, and health blogger at EllenDolgen.com



“Blending well-researched science and nutrition with powerful NLP techniques, this is the perfect companion for women everywhere who are experiencing, or preparing for, the menopause. I really like the way Pat makes the case for how anybody can make this a happy, productive, creative and sexy phase in life’s journey.”

– Kimberley Hare, Kaizen Training Limited