As a therapist are you:

  • researching new ways to help clients
  • looking for ways to increase your skills
  • building your practice
  • looking for valuable CPD opportunities?

You already have a range of techniques and that you can use with your clients but how can you apply these to a specific issue that affects 50% of the population?

Working with menopause symptoms

All women go through menopause, and a  many of them experience symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain and sleep problems.  Research has shown that hypnotherapy combined with visualisations  can significantly improve a woman’s experience of menopause.

As someone who has experienced an easy menopause, I didn’t know a lot of the material in this material, so would have been poorly informed to help others who are suffering more. It’s a valuable resource for both information on the topic and a very wide range of techniques to help reduce symptoms. PMcB

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Become a Hot Women, Cool Solutions (TM) Practitioner

The Hot Women, Cool Solutions Practitioners Programme (TM) provides proven hypnotherapy techniques to help to reduce the experience of a range of symptoms.  You can complete the 5 session on line course in your own time and at your own pace.

The course includes all of the information you need to help your client to control her menopause symptoms:

  • Introduction – definitions, information and  treatments (see below for FREE sample)
  • Session 1 – Hot Flushes, Night Sweats and Better Sleep
  • Session 2 Healthy Weight and Menopause
  • Session 3 Good Sexual Health and Relationships
  • Session 4 Staying Fit and Healthy Through Menopause
  • Session 5 Coaching for Happiness and Visibility

You will also have access to a range of supporting material including an intake form, workbook, script suggestions and instructions for the techniques outlined.  You will also be able to take part in live webinars where you can have your questions answered

“Pat really knows her subject and teaches with passion and flair.” Mrs MT Cambs


”There are two bonuses, both useful. The first is an intake form to send to clients prior to the first meeting. The second is a comprehensive resource list that is useful for the therapist but just as useful as a handout for the client.’ PMcB


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What happens after you buy?

You will be taken to a PayPal payment page. Note you do not need a PayPal account in order to proceed, a debit or credit card is fine. The company name at the top is “Royston Hypnotherapy”. This is the sister company of Hot Women Cool Solutions. Once payment is completed, please wait until you are taken to a page with full instructions for accessing your materials.

Want to try a sample?

Of course – just click here to download the introduction to the course

Join the Hot Women, Cool Solutions (TM) Practitioners Register

On completion of the course, if you are a qualified hypnotherapist who is registered with a regulatory body, such as CNHC or NCH, you can apply to join the Hot Women, Cool Solutions Practitioners Register.

You will benefit from the many articles and public speaking engagements that Pat is involved in to raise the profile of the Hot Women, Cool Solutions approach.

For more details contact Pat Duckworth now

‘ I meant it when I said you are an excellent trainer.  You certainly are a good role model!  I could listen to you for hours!’  Mrs HW Cambs


‘Overall, this is comprehensive training that would give any therapist confidence to work with women who want to reduce menopausal symptoms’. PMcB

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Pat Duckworth MBA, NLP Master Prac, Cog Hyp, HPD is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and author of Hot Women, Cool Solutions, How to Survive Her Menopause, and Cool Recipes for Hot Women (with Jenny Tschiesche). In 2016 she published the #1International Bestselling book ‘Hot Women Rock; How to discover your midlife entrepreneurial mojo. Pat has also contributed chapters to The Hypnotherapy Handbook, The Planet of Wellness and Your 101 Ways to 101.  

Pat sees clients at her clinics in London, Royston and Cambridge.  She also works with clients over Skype in Toronto, Los Angeles and Dubai.

Pat is an International public speaker and is sought after for women’s groups and organisations who are dedicated to supporting their female staff.

I’m impressed by this training material. The five sessions contain the material given to clients about each topic and then a separate section explaining techniques the therapist can use when treating menopausal women. There is a lot of practical advice on a wide range of topics from what to eat, and drink, what to wear, physical health, and confidence for happiness. PMcB