Living your best life after 50

As a woman, what does it take to live your best life after 50? Is it about your physical health? Or the amount of money you have? Or the degree of success you have already achieved? It’s a sad fact that many women feel that the best part of their life is over when they reach 50 and start to go through menopause. I disagree!

WEF 2017 Award Living Best Life

WEF 2017 Award – ‘Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All’

Research has shown that women (and men) who stay engaged and active, live longer and happier lives. I have worked with many women who saw their midlife as a time to do something different and more fulfilling. Some made changes to their lifestyle, others changed their careers and others took up new sports.

I made massive changes in my life in my mid-50s and now it is my mission to help you and thousands of other women like you have a wonderful time at midlife and beyond.

I was recently honored to receive an award at the Women Economic Forum 2017 in Delhi and I had a few minutes to sum up my message to the women attending the Forum. I wanted to share them with you too. Just click on the image.

I want you to help you motivate your midlife mojo and overcome any obstacles to achieving your best life. Contact me if that appeals to you.