Are you experiencing menopause symptoms?

Do you want to get back in control of your life and your hormones?  Pat by Rachel 1

Are you ready:

  • to take action
  • to feel well-informed
  • to understand more about what you are experiencing
  • to be supported
  • to choose between a range of options
  • to experience effective mind/body techniques
  • to notice positive changes in your symptoms

…then I have some amazing services for you!





Stress Tools for Menopause
The years around menopause can be a time of great change in women’s lives. Those changes can result in stress leading to more frequent and intense menopause symptoms. As a special gift to you I have created a FREE Stress Tools for Menopause course. You can sign up for it here.

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Stress Tools for Life
Stress is an issue in many women’s lives. The midlife years can be a time of change in many aspects of your life: changes at home with children growing up and leaving; parents getting older and needing more support; relationships changing and changes at work and in careers.

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Mind Over Menopause
Tired of all the ‘symptoms’? Are you ready to discover mind/body techniques that will help you to reduce symptoms such as hot flushes, stress, poor sleep and weight gain? Then this is what you have been looking for!

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