Eating and Heating

Different things can trigger hot flashes and one of those things is the food that you eat.

Shortly after I first started having hot flashes, I was lucky enough to go to Japan for a holiday.  During that two weeks I ate a totally Japanese diet.  There was lots of fish, very small amounts of red meat and plenty of green tea.  I don’t think I ate any bread and hardly any sugary foods.

After a few days I noticed that I had stopped having…  read more

Improve your health and…

…rDrinksaise money for charity

Giving up alcohol could have significant benefits for controlling your menopause symptoms and for improving your overall health and well-being.  The downsides of alcohol are:

  • Empty calories that sabotage your weight loss plan
  • Increased risk of cancer, liver disease, diabetes, pancreatitis and depression
  • More injuries related to accidents
  • Wrinkles and premature ageing

The advantages of reducing your alcohol intake or stopping all together:

  • Feel better in the mornings
  • Lose weight easier
  • Reduce hot flashes and night sweats
  • More effective immune system
  • More money to spend on healthier treats!

Cancer Research UK are encouraging people to give…  read more

Detox or Not Detox?

The Christmas and New Year holidays are over and you have nearly finished eating the surplus chocolates/cake/biscuits and drinking the leftover wine/beer/spirits.  So how are you feeling?  A bit heavier?  A bit sluggish? A bit bloated?  Is it time to detox?   Arranged Vegetables Creating a Face

There was an interesting item on the radio this week about whether there is any need or benefit to following a detox plan.  Needless to say the experts disagreed!

The expert who advocated detox diets said that over the Christmas period our bodies get…  read more

Sticky Resolutions

New Year ClockHappy New Year.  The beginning of a new year is a great time to make changes isn’t it?  But how many times have you made resolutions and not been able to keep to them?  So let’s make those resolutions stick this year.

Step 1 – Make it positive

The problem is that so many resolutions are framed as negatives: stop smoking, reduce alcohol, eat less chocolate.  These would all be great changes to make to help you control menopause symptoms but it is hard to be motivated by…  read more

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