Make Time for You

Many women who come to see me for help with stress tell me that there are just not enough hours in the day. They feel like they are juggling too many balls – children, husband, work, parents, friends, the list goes on. _DSC1121

Time is very democratic.  We all get the same number of minutes every day but if you use them well it can feel like you have more and you can achieve more.  Here are my Top Time Management Tips

1.   Create a To Do list for the next day…  read more

Resolutions – Time for Positive Change

January is a traditional time of year for reviewing what you have achieved in the last 12 months and setting goals or making resolutions for the new year.  It’s all about making positive change.  And isn’t that what menopause is about too?

For many women the hormonal and physical changes they are experiencing during menopause are a prompt to review their life so far and make changes for the future.  It can be a time for changes in lifestyle, relationships and career. Goal Image

Take a moment now to think about and create…  read more

Gluten-Free – A Good Option for Menopause?

There have been a number of celebrities recently extolling the virtues of a gluten free diet.  They claim to have more energy, less problems with digestion and weight loss.  So is this a good option for menopause?

Some women find that they develop a sensitivity to gluten.  This can manifest as skin problems, digestive effects, joint pain and numbness in the fingers and toes.  In some cases these are symptoms of celiac disease which often results in abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation.  If you have these symptoms it is important to consult your doctor for a diagnosis.  Treatment will generally…  read more

Beat the Winter Menopause Blues

At this time of year it is not unusual to experience periods of low mood.  The days are getting shorter and darker and there is plenty to do before the Christmas break arrives.  Add to that the fluctuations in your hormone levels and work and domestic pressures.

So what can you do to lift your mood?  Here are some top tips:

  1. Go outside around lunchtime everyday to make the most of the daylight and boost your production of vitamin D.  It also gets you back in touch with nature and your surroundings

    Take a brisk...  <a href=read more

Cool Recipes for Autumn

To celebrate World Menopause Day on 18th October, my nutritionist co-author, Jenny Tschiesche has created some delicious Autumn recipes that are particularly nutritious for Hot Women.

Even better, I have filmed Jenny cooking them and talking to me about the benefits of these dishes.  You can view them and other recipes at


Roasted Globe Courgettes and Pumpkin Slices

“This is a quick and easy dish to make for lunch.  Jenny and I had it with a roasted avocado with egg on the…  read more

World Menopause Day

The World Health Organisation and the International Menopause Society have designated Saturday 18th October as World Menopause Day.  The purpose of the day is highlight the health of menopausal women and encourage education and awareness of the subject.  In my experience it is still a subject that women find it difficult to talk about.

The facts about menopause that I would like to highlight are:

  1. Menopause is a natural stage in life like puberty.  It is not an illness
  2. Seek help.  If you are experiencing symptoms you there are lots of options for treatment.  You can approach your medical practitioner to discuss…  read more

Let’s talk about menopause sex

There can be a perception that the changes to the hormones during perimenopause lead to a reduction in libido but actually they can lead to heightened sexual response.  A study in 1986 (Masters & Johnson) found that women have no decline in orgasmic potential during their lives and may become more orgasmic. Pat 192

Remember, sex is good for you.  Sex stimulates the hormones, releases tension, boosts the immune system, relieves headaches and is a great form of exercise.  A research project involving 55,000 respondents showed that people who had a satisfying…  read more

How to achieve glowing skin during menopause

This week’s blog is by Kim Wright, Award-winning Author of ‘Forever Young: The holistic guide to a glowing complexion’

“Menopause can bring with it changes to the skin that are mostly a result of the reduction of hormone production.

The biggest effect is redistribution of the supportive fat layer.  This means that the fat previously plumping up our rosy cheeks and perky breasts tends to redistribute onto our abdomen, hips and buttocks instead.

The repair and production of collagen and elastin slows. These are the underlying support structure of…  read more

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